Many talented people have sung about the beauty and wonder of Georgia and with good reason. The state has something for everyone: mountains, flatlands and beaches. People love all the options, but, unfortunately, so do mosquitos. The hot, humid summers create perfect breeding grounds for this disease-carrying pest. Understanding the lifecycle of the mosquito is important when trying to control them.

Lifecycle Facts

Mosquitos are hardy creatures who mature quickly, and once grown, die quickly. They favor warm wet climates, and the females need very little water to breed. That’s why you find so many of them near standing water.

Females do all of the biting because they need the protein in your blood to reproduce. Once they lay the eggs, it only takes 24-48 hours for them to hatch and turn into larvae. In the next 7 – 10 days, the larvae turn into pupa, the immature state they take before becoming adults. Once mosquitos are mature, they often live only a few days, although a few types can live for a month or more.

Although mosquitos are a warm-weather creature, they do survive cold temperatures. Ask anyone who lives in Minnesota. Once the temperatures fall, some mosquitos go into hibernation, awakening when it’s warmer. Some types of mosquitos lay their eggs in freezing water and then die, while their offspring hatch in the spring. While you won’t be bitten during these colder months, all bets are off when spring arrives once again.

Professional Mosquito Control

MosquitoNix Atlanta offers Dunwoody mosquito control that is made from natural ingredients and is EPA approved. The spray is safe for children and pets and yet is strong enough to rid your home and business properties of mosquitos and other pests such as spiders, gnats, ticks and fleas. Fast and effective, MosquitoNix sprays kill mosquitos an hour after the treatment. Their Mosquito Misting System is permanently installed to provide constant protection. The Quicknix treatment is an affordable monthly alternative.

As their lifecycle shows, mosquitos are tough creatures that can handle a variety of temperatures. For protection from these pests, turn to MosquitoNix mosquito extermination in Dunwoody.

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MosquitoNix Atlanta has done a great job of keeping our yard free of mosquitoes. We play and entertain outside all hours of the day and night and mosquitoes have not been a problem since we started this service. Our service tech, Charles, always lets us know when he's arrived and does a great job. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

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