Nothing is worse than being a backyard full of mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes aren’t just pests, they are dangerous carrying many life-threatening diseases. To prevent your yard from being overrun with mosquitoes try these five tips.

1. Remove Standing Water

Standing water is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, the single most important thing you can do to manage the mosquito population in your yard is to eliminate and treat any standing water in the area.

Puddles, ponds, bowls filled with water are all environments mosquitoes would love to get into and start to breed. Take the time to remove any areas or objects in the yard that are collecting water. This one task will significantly reduce the chances of having a serious mosquito problem in your yard.

2. Keep Shrubbery Under Control

If Mosquitoes need water to breed, they like to live in an overrun yard. Tall grass, plants, and shrubs are where mosquitoes go to rest, relax and play. Getting rid of standing water will prevent them from breeding, but if you have a standing mosquito problem cutting taming your foliage will help eliminate the existing population.

3. Purchase Mosquito Zappers and Magnets

Other options to add to your mosquito removal arsenal include purchasing a mosquito magnet, zapper, or killer, a gadget that in will eliminate mosquitoes upon contact. These gadgets are used to repel and kill existing mosquitoes, and won’t do anything to prevent them from breeding. So while the best plan of attack is to be proactive and prevent mosquitoes from ever hatching, once a problem exists these mosquito-killers can help eliminate an existing problem.

4. Try Mosquito Repellent Plants

There are some plants that mosquitoes tend not to like, and utilizing them may help minimize the number of mosquitoes in your yard. It will not remove them, and it definitely will not minimize the mosquitoes’ capability to recreate, however, as part of a larger mosquito removal plan, there might be some small result.

5. Use a MosquitoNix Misting System

Our MosquitoNix Atlanta mosquito misting system is the best way to permanently eliminate your mosquito problem. We utilize a backpack sprayer for a wet application to focus on adult mosquitoes throughout your backyard and brush–kind of like ninjas, slipping up on a victim.

Last, however, but not least, we do a standing water treatment where we put a larvacide to get mosquito eggs to rupture into the sundown. And the best part is we fully guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty and a full money back guarantee.