How to Prepare for Mosquito Season in Atlanta, Georgia

Not all mosquitoes die off over winter. Most male mosquitoes will die off during the winter, but the female mosquito can store fat during the winter, and some species of mosquitoes even lay eggs that can survive the winter.  It is important to prepare for the upcoming mosquito season because as soon as temperatures begin to warm up,  it can take less than 72 hours for the mosquitoes to start their very prolific breeding life cycle.

Maintain a Well-Kept Yard

A well kept yard that is more appealing to humans, will more than likely be less appealing to mosquitoes. Long grass is another breeding ground for mosquito larva. Adult mosquitoes also love to hang out and hide in tall grass.  Other ways to maintain your yard is to toss out any old tires or any and all debris that could collect water. You should also consider filling in areas that can collect and hold any amount of water as mosquitoes can breed in water levels as low as the amount of water that is held in a tiny bottle cap. Another thing to consider is leveling off any dips in your yard that are prone to becoming puddles in rainy weather. Eliminating ALL items that can hold water is going to be your number one defense against a large mosquito population in your yard.

Get Rid of Any and All Standing Water

Eliminating ALL items that can hold water is going to be your number one defense against a large mosquito population in your yard. Some mosquito eggs will be dormant until they come in contact with water. We all know that rain is inevitable. Make sure you’re not allowing standing water to build up in birdbaths, flower pots, old tires, trashcan lids, tarps/coverings, kiddie pools, and any other items that might hold water. These serve as ideal mosquito breeding grounds. Check for leaks around the home, like a water hose or outdoor faucets that may form small puddles from the leaks.  Any water that stands for more than 2-3 days can become a spot for mosquito breeding.

Keep Drains and Gutters Clear of Debris

Mosquitoes do not need a deep pool of water to breed. Keeping your gutters clean and free-flowing will limit mosquito activity.  Our gutters can very easily become cluttered with pine straw and fallen leaves, especially over the fall and winter season, when our guards are typically down for mosquitoes.  When you factor in debris along with melted snow and ice or built up rain water,  you now have the perfect environment for a mosquito breeding ground.  Make sure to clear out your gutters so that any water can flow freely, and this way you can reduce the areas where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

Hire a Professional

Mosquito Prevention is one of the best ways to minimize your mosquito population.  However, considering the life-cycle of a mosquito and how fast they breed, there’s a good chance you may need to look for more professional mosquito control methods at some point.

If you need help in eliminating these pesky biting insects from your yard, our Atlanta, Georgia Team here at MosquitoNix® is here to help!