Where do mosquitos prefer to live?

When asked where a mosquito prefers to live, you may just be inclined to say Georgia as the buggy summer months come around, but there are certain environments and habitats that mosquitos prefer in Georgia. In this case, knowledge is power so don’t forget to avoid these areas this summer or you may be the victim of a mosquito’s next snack.


Ponds, marshes and swamps are a mosquito’s paradise. With the correct humidity for breeding and the standing water perfect for laying eggs, if you want to cover yourself in mosquito caused polka-dots then make sure to head to your nearest wetland.

Grass and Shrubbery

Though, mosquitos must have water to lay eggs, the adults enjoy living and hiding out in grass and shrubbery for protection. Avoid walking or hiking in tall grassy areas or make sure to wear long pants at all times.

Standing Water

You might not live on a swamp and probably keep your grass mowed, but don’t forget that any standing water in your yard can easily create the same result. Be observant of bird baths, old tires, cans, and children’s toys with standing water and eliminate the issue before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Avoiding mosquitos this summer may not always be possible, but remember that by avoiding those high population areas you are increasing your chances of staying safe. To learn more about mosquito prevention, check out our website!  MosquitoNix offers specialized treatments, including a misting service, that can virtually eliminate mosquitoes from your property. You don’t have to scratch yourself silly this year. Contact MosquitoNix now for more information and a free quote.