It’s unfortunate that summer cookouts are synonymous with pesky mosquitoes. You should be able to spend quality time in your backyard without worrying about these insects biting you, and that’s why it’s important that you go on the offensive. The following control measures will stop mosquitoes from interrupting your summer cookouts. More importantly, they will help you to reclaim your outdoor space once and for all.

Eliminate Visible Sources of Standing Water

Standing water is perhaps the biggest attractant because mosquitoes rely on it when they are breeding; they lay their eggs in the water. Keep in mind that it only takes approximately 10 days for larvae to fully mature. To disrupt the breeding cycle of these blood suckers, you have two options: Install a waterfall or some feature to keep the water from settling, or you can dry out the source. However, although both options will go a long way toward reducing the mosquito population in your yard, chances are you won’t see exceptional results. Effective mosquito control requires a personalized solution from a professional pest exterminator.

Better Manage the Scents You Emit

Mosquitoes are equipped with not only a needlelike mouthpart but also a keen sense of smell. How much carbon dioxide are you emitting? The more CO2 you release into the air, the easier mosquitoes will track you down. These insects are able to perceive all types of things, including perfumes, secretions, lactic acid and body odor. That’s why you should use tried-and-true repellents. Such products help by masking your scent and by covering your skin with a DEET-based liquid. For better results, you should also wear less perfume.

Mosquitoes are very persistent, so don’t skimp on your effort in your fight against them. Consider hiring a professional who can treat your outdoor space. The pest exterminators at MosquitoNix can eliminate these insects without jeopardizing your health or polluting the environment.

Wear More Light Colors Than Dark Ones

Whether you’re out in the wilderness or simply lounging on your balcony, research shows that wearing light-colored clothing will help you stay out of harm’s way. Mosquitoes are constantly on the prowl during the dog days of summer, and they generally bite people who have dark clothes on because dark colors tend to retain more heat. Thankfully, if you use all the tips that were mentioned, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer cookouts because mosquito problems will become a thing of the past.

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