It’s quite unfortunate that wherever you might go in the world, there is a pretty good chance you’ll run into mosquitoes. These pesky bloodsuckers are definitely one of the most annoying things about the warmer months, which is why so many homeowners opt for a mosquito treatment from a mosquito control company. Mosquito control in Atlanta is especially popular because of the many different types of mosquitoes that populate the region.

Types of Mosquitoes Around Atlanta

In Atlanta, and all throughout the United States, there exist nearly 200 species of mosquito. However, four main types of mosquitos dominate North America. These include the Asian Tiger mosquito, the house mosquito, the southern house mosquito, and the yellow fever mosquito.

The house mosquito loves standing water, and will often lay hundreds of eggs in storm drains, old tires, pet dishes, buckets and flower pots, and pretty much anything that holds standing water.

Similar to the house mosquito but much more prevalent in southern areas of the United States such as Atlanta, the southern house mosquito prefers to come out at night to feed.

The Asian Tiger mosquito is bigger and more aggressive than the house mosquitoes. The population can grow rather quickly if the temperature is right, but they don’t travel very far. They do compete with the yellow fever mosquito, which has similar feeding habits.

All of the above mosquitoes can carry and transmit several viruses that are dangerous to both humans and animals. This is another reason why mosquito control is becoming very important. A mosquito treatment company that utilizes mosquito misting systems can effectively eliminate mosquitoes in an area for a period of time, reducing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Why Mosquito Treatment in Atlanta is Necessary

While many people in Atlanta just consider mosquitoes to be a summertime nuisance, there is also the more serious issue of mosquito-borne diseases to think about. West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, St. Louis encephalitis, and equine encephalitis are all diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in the United States. Mosquito exterminators in Atlanta providing mosquito control in your yard with a mosquito spray system can get rid of these annoying and potentially dangerous pests so that you can enjoy your summer.

Homeowners looking for the best mosquito control use an Atlanta mosquito spray company that provides excellent mosquito service and extermination. That’s why many Atlanta homeowners choose MosquitoNix—a mosquito spray company that can help you live outside again during the warmer months, without having to worry about mosquitoes.

The MosquitoNix Atlanta Mosquito Misting System and related mosquito control services are EPA approved, and safe for both kids and pets. The mosquito yard treatment will kill mosquitoes in the area after one hour of treatment, as well as spiders, white-flies, gnats, ticks, and fleas. Additionally, the mosquito misting system uses all natural ingredients that will not harm bees.

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