When temperatures rise, mosquitoes come out to bite. No one is immune from the annoying buzzing, swarming and irritating welts associated with these bloodsucking pests. Mosquitoes can make your backyard a miserable place to be, especially at dusk and dawn when many folks in Kennesaw like to spend time outside. Whether you're gardening, playing backyard games or hosting a barbeque, mosquitoes will be sharing your personal space and compromising your comfort and health.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Georgia

If the irritating bites and incessant buzzing weren't bad enough, Kennesaw has a real problem with mosquito-borne illnesses. Georgia has some 63 native and introduced mosquito species, including many that carry deadly diseases. In 2014, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported the state's first case of chikungunya virus. Late summer is the traditional high season for West Nile virus in Georgia, and Eastern equine encephalitis has been found in mosquitoes collected in metropolitan Atlanta. Everyone, including people and pets, is vulnerable to these intolerable insects. Some mosquitoes will even sneak up behind their hosts to catch a meal without being detected. That's why it's smart to hire an experienced mosquito removal service if these bloodsucking pests are active on your property.

Kennesaw Mosquito Treatments

At MosquitoNix Atlanta, we offer two effective treatments for keeping your property free from mosquitoes. If you're interested in a short-term solution, our three-step QuickNix program is an attractive option that eliminates more than 90 percent of mosquitoes for three weeks or more. First, we use a high-pressure spray to target mosquitoes in dense foliage, mulch and vegetation. Then, we apply slow-release granules that repel mosquitoes and keep the offenders off your property. Finally, we treat areas where standing water is present, such as gutters, AC units and garden planters.

If you're looking for a long-term solution, MosquitoNix misting is the best choice. To provide complete protection throughout the season, we line the perimeter of your property with low-profile misting nozzles that blend into your landscaping and target mosquitoes where they live and breed. These nozzles emit insecticidal sprays containing botanical ingredients extracted from chrysanthemums, rosemary and geraniums that will get rid of mosquitoes without harming your children or your pets. Plus, this program is up to 99 percent effective.

Summer is too short to spend it swatting mosquitoes. You deserve to enjoy your backyard and your favorite outdoor activities. If you're ready to step into a mosquito-free lifestyle, call MosquitoNix Atlanta at 404-913-8830 to request a free estimate for either of our mosquito control services.

MosquitoNix offers two mosquito control solutions based on your budget and needs. Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment provides flexible, budget-friendly monthly treatments and the Mosquito Misting System is the ultimate, more permanent solution. Learn more about our Kennesaw mosquito extermination options today!

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MosquitoNix Atlanta has done a great job of keeping our yard free of mosquitoes. We play and entertain outside all hours of the day and night and mosquitoes have not been a problem since we started this service. Our service tech, Charles, always lets us know when he's arrived and does a great job. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

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