MosquitoNix® is your very own custom, hassle-free mosquito misting system.

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Custom Misting Solutions

Built For Your Exact Yard's Needs

Your misting system is specifically designed for your home with strategic nozzle installation while the system itself is discrete, meshing with the look of your home and yard. We want you and your family to take back your outdoor space!
MosquitoNix uses the best people and the best equipment possible. Having 17 years in the business, we are industry leaders in what we do. Our misting systems are built and installed to last!

The MosquitoNix Misting System

The MosquitoNix custom misting system provides effective mosquito control for you, your family and your pets.


Mist Your Yard 3 Times Per Day

MosquitoNix automatically mists your yard 3 times per day for 45 seconds, ensuring mosquitos stay away and you can enjoy your yard.

Seeamlessly Integrates With Your Home

MosquitoNix systems are custom designed for your exact home’s needs. They seamlessly fit in with the look of your home so much you will barely know they are there.


Take control over your backyard today!

MosquitoNix® is here to bring you into the future of home mosquito control!

MosquitoNix® Mosquito misting systems:


4.7 Stars with 220 Reviews


A Fully Automated System

Our System Leaves You Worry Free!

Let your state-of-the-art misting system do the work for you! With 45 second bursts, 3 times a day and the option of instant remote control spraying, you will be the master of your outdoors.


The future of mosquito control

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Meet Your Atlanta Mosquito Experts

Brandon Greenhaw's team will give you peace of mind, knowing that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space with your family and friends.

Your backyard is more than a lawn, a deck. It’s the place your children, your family comes together. It’s a place of memory, of birthday parties, of family cookouts, of those lazy Friday nights where you talk with friends until midnight. It’s where flowers and gardens come to life every season. It’s an extension of your kitchen, dining room, and even your bedroom. It’s your comfortable place.


Life Outside Is Better