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Mosquito Misting System

Attack breeding and feeding grounds for a 95-99% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard.

Why choose a MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting System?
The answer is simple!

The MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting System offers a 95-99% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. We begin by lining the perimeter of the protected area with low-profile nozzles that blend-in to the existing landscape for attacking the mosquito breeding and feeding grounds. It’s also important to place them in any areas of foliage or harborage in the interior of the yard.

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QuickNix Treatment

So effective, studies showed a reduction in mosquitos of 90%+ the first week of treatment. You won’t find that from anyone else.

QuickNix Mosquito Treatment Program

If your goal is to be able to enjoy your outdoor living space while balancing your budget, our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment is for you. We zap all mosquitos on site and distribute several types of granules to push them and their disease far away from your property.

We offer the top options in the market – three levels of treatments that fit every yard and budget. This method is so effective, studies performed showed a reduction in mosquitos of 90%+ during the first week of treatment with a gradual drop off over a three-week period. You won’t find that from anyone else in the market.

Our service is apples to oranges to what else is available in the market. – It’s not just fogging, you will feel the difference. The devil is definitely in the details, so we will give you a few, if we must.

QuickNix is our proprietary mosquito treatment program – and we have proof that it is the most effective treatment on the market. It is not just what we use, it is how we do it. Let’s call it our special secret. We will let you in on some of it.

  • Fogging
  • Larvacide
  • Granules
  • Inspect
  • Correction
  • Eco Booster
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MosquitoNix Atlanta has done a great job of keeping our yard free of mosquitoes. We play and entertain outside all hours of the day and night and mosquitoes have not been a problem since we started this service. Our service tech, Charles, always lets us know when he’s arrived and does a great job. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!


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