Suwanee is a great place to live and grow. There are a many different events that grace Suwanee every year, such as the “Glow In The Park” lantern parade that illuminates the town with light and music. And for many years, Suwanee was the practicing ground for the Atlanta Falcons.

What’s more, Suwanee has received a series of accolades for the lifestyle it affords to its residents: Money Magazine called it one of the “Top 10 Places to Live” and Family Circle Magazine listed it as one of the “10 Best Towns For Families.”

And while Suwanee continues to attract families from all around the world, its amazing climate and lush greenery makes it a popular breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Effect On Suwanee

Mosquitoes can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life, especially in suburban communities. Unfortunately, the downsides of mosquitoes aren’t just that they leave residents with those itchy bites. These mosquitoes also carry deadly diseases, such as the West Nile and Zika virus, which currently have no cures. Their threat to the community has led to cancelled events across the South and even the creation of sunset curfews during warm weather.

To help you live your life and enjoy your own backyard, it’s important to take the proper precautions with mosquito treatment. Through the use of effective mosquito control, you’re free to take back your home and enjoy the outdoors.

Effective Mosquito Treatment

We’ve got Suwanee residents covered. With our MosquitoNix and QuickNix treatments, you don’t have to worry about what’s happening around your home or business. Both mosquito treatments are simple: the MosquitoNix Misting System’s low-profile nozzles line the perimeter of an area to keep mosquitoes away. The nozzles blend easily into the landscape, so you don’t notice the technology while it’s at work. This treatment leads to a 95 to 99% reduction rate in mosquitoes.

During the proprietary QuickNix mosquito treatment plan, we distribute several types of granules to keep the mosquitoes at bay. You’ll see a 90% reduction in mosquitoes within the first week, and a continual drop during the following two weeks. This happens through a tried and tested 3-step process. The first step involves using an eco-friendly backpack sprayer to eliminate mosquitoes. We then go on to place repellents, and during the final step we use a standing-water treatment to get rid of baby mosquitoes before they hatch.

Mosquito Control That Works

The proof is in the pudding: we’ve helped over 30,000 residents throughout Atlanta neighborhoods like Suwanee. Keeping you happy and healthy is our primary concern.

Here at MosquitoNix, we offer lifetime warranties on our products and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about how our mosquito treatment solutions can benefit you, your family, coworkers, and more, contact us today. We’ll provide you with a free quote and help you better understand our technology and what it can deliver.

Refer Your Friends

They will get a $250 discount towards a mosquito misting system, and a $75 discount towards a QuickNix mosquito treatment program. If they sign up, you will get a $250 or $75 award/credit towards your account.

MosquitoNix Atlanta has done a great job of keeping our yard free of mosquitoes. We play and entertain outside all hours of the day and night and mosquitoes have not been a problem since we started this service. Our service tech, Charles, always lets us know when he's arrived and does a great job. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

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